epocemx is a collection of tools (including a port of GCC) and libraries which enable building EPOC R5 (ER5) applications under Unix. EPOC R6 (ER6, Symbian OS) is not supported.

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Important note

This release of emx.dll is not compatible with executables built for earlier versions of emx.dll (up to and including epocemx-20020523, ie, versions less than 1.0). Incompatible executables will be terminated by panic EMX 11. Rebuilding those executables solves that problem.

Downloading and Installing

Currently, epocemx is distributed as DIY kit, that is, you have to compile most of the stuff yourself (but see below). You need the following files (you can also use .tar.bz2 files instead of .tar.gz files):

You need exactly these versions, don't try newer or older versions. In particular, using the correct version of binutils and GCC is essential.

To build epocemx, unpack epocemx-YYYYMMDD.tar.gz:

gunzip < epocemx-YYYYMMDD.tar.gz | tar xf -

This creates the directory epocemx-YYYYMMDD. Then, follow the instructions provided in file INSTALL in that directory.

Binary distribution

Some SIS files packaged in ZIP files are available from the download page.

Additionally, the latest version of emxuser.zip is available here for direct download.

More information

See the README file of emxuser.zip and epocemx-YYYYMMDD.tar.gz for more information.

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